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Mayada Living is an open spaces for anyone who wants to  experience the real Cuba and a local family working hand in hand to support the new generation. The work with ambitious joung  cuban architects, new contemporary cuban artist, my life in Germany and all the years traveling around the world  with my family  influence enormously in the decoration and design of our homes.

Deep love

to my Havana and the great feeling to help to the conservation of incredible architectural juweliers of our our amazing  city as well as the posibility to give our people the oportunity to develope and grow, give me the power to continue working on this project.


Oasis Concept

The fusion on Art,  tradition and modern design, creativity, and harmony with the environment guided us to create  Mayada Living; based on our Oasis Concept;  which consist in creating unconventional harmonic, fresh and open spaces in unique places.

Story About the Family and Friends

We are a  local Cuban family  and good friends with high sense of team work and big positive feeling of hosting international guest. Our team of 13 people works together to keep our  houses in good conditions and to offer the best service to our guest. Full hotel service, bed and breakfast, gastronomic services as well als aditional services like Transportation, VIP – Exclusive Personal Assistance, Seightseeings tours, Reservation Service and many other anemities are available in all properties for the exclusive use of our guests.

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Full hotel service
The team

Ada Dimbath | Founder & International booking
Beatriz Elena | Manager
Maidane | Customer Service and Reception
Yani | Team assistant & gastronomic services
Pedro | Maintenance
Nyliam | Community Manager


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In the name of LOVE

The Story
Bestview Havana Luxury Penthouse is located in the 8th floor of one of the most emblematic building of Prado ” Edificio Areces” in Calle Prado 106, built in the first quarter of the 20th century by Ramón Areces one of the creators of the Spanish store chain – El Corte Ingles.

2015 my husband Wolfgang Dimbath and I visit the first time this building, we meet some people at the
rooftop, which show us this amazing view of the city. In this moment we fell in love with this building, the view and the incredible location. Immediately, we saw a light and minimalist modern penthouse with the best view of Havana. We decided to buy this space. Many people tried to persuade us not to buy that apartment because the whole building has been in very poor condition for more than 40 years. But we were in love with that amazing view and with the dream of the penthouse project in our mind.

2013 We were lucky and could buy that small apartment in terrible condition but with a great roof
terrace “the best view of Havana” Then we decided to restore it. But before we could start refurbishing the apartment, we realize that it will not be possible to do anything at the roof top without taking care of the rest of the building.

2015 – 2017 we refurbished the lift shaft, the main pillars and structure from the 3rd to the 8th floor of
the building, preserving it from falling down. After a lot of work and many difficulties, 2017 we could finish the first part of the restauration of the main structural part of the building.

End of 2017 my husband passes away! It was a very difficult situation for me and it took me a while to
recover energies… but our dream never died. I went forward…

From 2017 to 2020 I continue on the restauration of some neighbor’s apartments, the water lines and
many other remaining damages in different parts of the building.

2021 we could finish with the construction of the new structure of the penthouse and the rest of the
project. Before starting to offer the space as a rental place, we decided to share the pleasure of touching the sky with many friends and wonderful people. For this reason we organize wine and cigar tastings, chillout parties, television programs, photoshootings, fashion shows and many more experiences in Bestview Havana.

…A tribute to my beloved husband Wolfgang

With the effort of all these years we could achieve that more than 200 people don´t have to move to
emergency shelter. I´m very proud of having been able to help many families to keep their homes and at the same time we are very happy to offer this location to other people to enjoy the amazing experience to stay in space touching the sky of Havana.